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Mild weather keeping bass active

This mild weather we have enjoyed recently lets most anglers get out on the lake later in the year than normal. This also makes the large mouth bass stay active longer.

This weather has the bass on the same fall patterns that should have been gone several weeks ago. Usually at this time of year the largemouth bass would have moved deeper and on a slower bite. I would be talking about fishing in 12 feet of water or more with slow cover and working lures like jigs and tube baits.

But here we are the first part of December with high temperatures in the 65-degree range. This means bass are still holding on steep sloping banks, on and along cliff and bluff lines, on main lake points where a creek or channel runs close to or hugs a bank, and on the edges of secondary drop offs or on a channel edge. Bass will use these types of areas until the water drops into to the lower 50’s. The schools of baitfish and shad will also use these types of areas and the bass will follow them and feed up for winter.

Good baits to use now include search baits like a crank bait or spinner bait. These baits can cover a lot of water quickly and find active feeding fish and allow you to fine tune your fishing to a certain area and presentation. Look for any sign of activity on or near the surface — things like baitfish or bass breaking the surface or birds working a certain area. This is a dead giveaway of active feeding bass.

Try to stay a cast away from the action and cast your bait past it some and work it back through the feeding area. Try this for a while, and if the action is slow then move to a bank or area that has some form of cover and fish a slower bait like a jig or tube bait in and around cover.

Fishing both of these patterns it will increase your chances on hooking up with some mid-fall largemouth bass.

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