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Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie fishing is still going good

Most fish are now holding deeper waiting for spring and shallow water to grow warmer. However, some fish such as crappie and smallmouth bass and trout will stay in shallow water just about year-round.

Crappie will hold on wood cover most of the time and on vertical cover like standing flooded timber. They will hold over deeper waster, but will stay in water around four to eight feet deep in most lakes. They will remain active during most of the year and feed on minnows and small baitfish.

When you are looking for a spot to crappie fish this time of year, look for an area that has deeper water close by and some type of wood cover that moves from deeper to shallow water. This is the type of place crappie like to hang out during this time of year. There are many types of baits and lures that work well for winter crappie. As far as bait, it is hard to beat a live minnow for crappie year round. There is just something about a lively minnow crappie just cannot resist.

There also are some good artifi cial baits like the small tube baits and curly tail grub that always seem to draw strikes from active crappie. Once you find a spot to fish, make short casts close to the cover with or without a floater. I prefer a floater with a minnow. Slowly work the bait up and down and watch the rod tip for any movement. Change the depth as needed to find active fish.

Just get out and have some fun, for now it will not be long until nice weather returns.

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