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Tube baits move faster than jigs

There are only a few baits that you can fish year-round in any type of water conditions and any color of water and at any depth and water temperature. One of these is the tube bait.

Pretty much any time or place you can catch fish on a jig you can also use tube baits and do well. In some cases you can catch more fish with tube baits, especially where bass may be attracted to something slightly faster-moving bait than a jig.

Tube baits can be fished as slowly as a jig or as fast as a worm. This makes the tube bait a very versatile and productive bait to fish this time of year. The tube bait is one of the top lures to use for bass year-round and any angler not using this bait on a regular basis is missing out on some good action. But this bait is not just for bass. It is also used for fish like trout, crappie and walleye.

Tube baits come in a large variety of sizes from the large sizes for bass to the 1/4-ounce size for crappie and bluegill. Tube baits come in every color and some are scented, like the power baits. Just about all the different ways to rig tube baits involve the use of a jig head-style hook. But there are a few cases when the tube bait can be fished as a trailer behind a jig. I have had good success fishing it like this and have caught several nice size keeper bass.

You can also fish the tube bait as a Carolina rig. This works very well. Some anglers put a small piece of Styrofoam inside of the bait to make it float and fish it like a surface bait. So give some of these rigs a try on your next trip.

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