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Gabby’s fishing fever

Rivers, creeks good in winter, too

A few days ago I noticed how muddy Carr Creek Lake was from all the rain we have had. There is one thing in fishing for sure, and that is that some of the toughest fishing you can do is in cold, muddy water.

If you are faced with this and still want to fish, you need to move to a river or creek that has water that is not muddy.

Lake fish are far more affected by cold, muddy water than river fish are. In the river, fish must adapt to much cooler water temperatures and also the current always moving. This is a whole different environment and ecosystem. So if your lake is a mess, then try a river or creek. These smaller waterways can offer big action in cooler weather and some nice fish.

There are several fish in rivers that offer good cool weather fishing like smallmouth bass, Kentucky bass, largemouth bass, red eye, musky, trout and catfish and others in some rivers. All of these fish can be caught in cooler weather.

Most of the best action seems to come by using live bait right now. Look for areas that have some type of area that has slower moving or slack water areas. These will be like a cutback in the bank or a big curve in the river or anything that causes a block in the river and slows the current. Fish will use these areas to hold in and feed. They will try to hold in the slower water and wait for food to come along in the current.

Using this to your advantage, try to make your cast in a way that it will move the bait or lure from upstream of a spot and close to the cover. Try to work your bait as close to and as long as you can to the cover.

The next time your lake is muddy, give a river or creek a try.

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