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Gabby’s fishing fever

It’s a good time to organize tackle

There are a few fishing-related things you can do, like watch fishing shows on TV or read a fishing magazine. You can do research on a lake you want to fish later or, if you just want to have your hands on fishing stuff, you can go through your fishing tackle and organize it. This may not sound like fun at first, but when you get ready to go fishing you will be glad that you did.

The best thing I have found to use is the clear tackle boxes with the movable dividers and the snapping lid. These will hold a lot of tackle and you can see what you have in them with out opening the lid. These boxes are reasonably priced and will hold a lot.

When you start going through your tackle, sort it in piles according to the type of baits. Place crank baits, top waters, spinner baits, buzz baits and jigs in different piles. Then go through the plastics. These will take longer because there are so many different types. You have worms, tube baits, lizards, craw dads, flukes, and so many other ones.

After sorting them, put them in the plastic divider trays. You will be surprised at how much you can get in these trays. It takes some time to do this, but the end result is well worth it. After you get a tray full, mark the lid with the name of what is in the box. This will make it quick and easy to find your bait when you are on the lake fishing.

For baits like the spinner bait and the buzz bait, there are special boxes made just for them. They are deeper and more square with a hanging divider. You can just simply slide the bait in the box and hang it in a slot. This keeps the baits separated and easy to get in and out. Also, there are boxes made for hooks and sinkers.

The great part about using the clear trays is that you can get the soft-sided tackle bags to put them in. Most of these tackle bags will hold several of the trays and all different size trays, plus they have zip up pockets to put loose tackle in. I used the hard type tackle boxes for years and when I found the soft-sided tackle bags with the trays, I started using them and never went back.

Using this system of tackle storage is so much more organized and makes it easier to find the bait you want and it makes fishing a lot more enjoyable. I know for a fact that an organized angler is a more productive angler and that is what it’s all about in fishing — catching fish and having fun.

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