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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are now biting in Tennessee

I have received reports of good bass fishing the last several days on Tennessee lakes. These large lakes are not as effected by the rising and falling of water, lower temperatures and stained water as our area lakes are.

Our area mountain lakes receive water from smaller creeks and rain and snow runoff, and it causes colder water temps and stained and muddy water more than the larger Tennessee lakes. We have many large lakes in Kentucky but I am referring to our smaller area lakes. Volunteer State lakes such as Cherokee Lake, Norris Lake, and Douglas Lake are larger and offer good bass fishing most of the year. I grew up fishing on some of these lakes and have a lot of good memories of fishing them with family and friends.

The weather seems to be milder around these lakes and the fishing season is much more open than around here. You can go around the campgrounds in the winter and there will be people camping in RV’s at the Tennessee lakes. We are blessed to have some of the most beautiful lakes in the state, but it is good to have choices to be able to be able to go elsewhere and enjoy bass fishing year-around.

Most of the best action is on soft plastics like tube baits and grubs rigged on small jig heads and the old reliable jig. This is by far the most fished bait in the winter months and for good reason. The jig is the one bait anglers have been using forever to catch winter bass, all year for that matter. You can fish a jig in any type of cover in any depth in any temperature in any color of water.

To say all that about one bait is saying something. If you have cabin fever or fishing fever and cannot find a place close by to fish then plan a trip to one of these Tennessee lakes. The bass are a biting.

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