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Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie should be getting active

Many folks are ready for some warm spring weather. I know I sure am. Remember that last year’s fishing license has run out and be sure to get your new one before starting fishing this year.

Thank God the warmer weather is finally about to get here and the early spring fishing season can start. Bass and crappie will be among the first fish to start getting active in the early spring. Myself, I usually start off the year by looking for active crappie early in the spring around some type of wood cover close to the bank but close to or in deeper water. By deeper water I mean close to a channel or drop off into deeper water — places such as on the edge of a flat or in and around a bluff line that has wood cover and a drop off close. These are the first type of areas to hold early spring crappie.

When you see and catch crappie early in the season on this pattern you know the spawn and the move to much shallower water is close. Most of the time when you see the dogwood trees start blooming this is the time to look for crappie in these areas. The main reason crappie will hold over deeper water areas first is this gives them the ability to move deeper by simply moving vertically up and down the cover. And there are several reasons why crappie move from shallow to deeper water, including water and air temperature changes, light penetration into the water, falling or raising water levels, changing weather patters, and even fishing pressure or the need to locate food.

Baits are simple minnows or small tube baits or curly tail grubs. If you like live bait the minnow is the way to go. A lively minnow in front of a feeding crappie is almost a sure catch in most cases, but a small colored tube bait or curly tail grub fished on a small jig head on light line is a great way to catch these crappie also.

Once you find the spot you want to fish and the depth you need then after you make your cast and the bait settles work the rod tip up and down with a slow up and down action crappie love this.

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