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Partly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

Slow down until weather warms

The calendar says its spring and the groundhog predicted an early spring, but to look at the weather this week you would have to say both were wrong.

We had some nice warm weather just recently, but we must deal with whatever the Good Man Above gives us.

A lot of anglers by now are fishing shallow cover and looking for crappie and bass to start moving up and staging on secondary cover. But this cold front has changed all of that big time.

One thing that will change is the way the fish hold on and use cover in shallow water. During warm, stable weather, fish hold on the shallow cover and feed and wait to move up to look for spawning areas. During a cold front fish will move back to the deeper water and will be much less active and will not feed as much. If you are faced with this situation on your fishing trip, there are still things you can do to help your chances of catching fish.

First, you will need to slow everything way down and use lighter line and smaller baits and lures. Look for fish holding tight to or buried up in heavy cover and always look for some type of deeper water close by. When you find a area, you want to fish slowly and tight to the cover.

Watch and feel your line for type of twitch or movement and any type of feel of weight on your line. If you feel any of these thing,s set the hook — it could be a fish. The bite will be light.

As far as bass fishing, slow baits like a small jig or tube bait will work in most situations. For inactive crappie, a small minnow will do the trick.

If you have a fishing question send it to me at gabbysfishingfever@yahoo.com.

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