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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass fishing continues to improve

I have received several reports of good bass fishing on area lakes and in Tennessee.

As the water and the air temperatures continue to warm up the bass move into more shallow water to feed and look for places to spawn soon. With baitfish and crawfish also becoming active closer to the bank and in shallower water, bass and other game fish follow them into the shallows to feed. This is when it is a good time for an angler to be fishing these types of areas.

Areas of this type can be on the main lake on points, bluffs or cliff lines or a flat that drops off into deeper water. Backwaters, a large cove or the mouth of a creek also can hold catchable bass. Look for signs of baitfish breaking the surface or birds feeding in the area to indicate active feeding.

Slowly work your way into the area and make long cast and use light line and smaller baits to start. If the bass are working the surface, try top water baits like buzz baits or some other type of top water that you can give some action by jerking or twitching the bait.

A buzz bait is one of the best baits you can use when the bass are feeding close to or on the surface. Make your cast a little past the action and retrieve the bait just fast enough to make the bait turn. Bass will hit this bait so hard they will knock it out of the water.

Also try crank baits and spinner baits when the action slows or moves deeper. Look for signs of activity and give these tips a try.

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