Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Rising waters sent fish to safe areas

The recent heavy rains have made the area lakes and rivers rise quickly and become muddy.

Carr Creek Lake rose several feet in a couple of days and became muddy in the tailwater area and there was staining in much of the lake. This has a big effect on fishing and will cause some fish to relocate and change their feeding habits.

Fish like bass, crappie and bluegill were already moving into shallow water areas to feed and to get ready for the spawn. But fast rising water will make them move out to deeper, more stable areas. The bait fish will relocate to deeper water and cover also until the water and temperatures stabilize.

The fast rising water can cause many things to change, like water temperatures, water color and PH levels, and oxygen levels in muddy, cool water are less than in warmer, clearer water. This will cause a negative reaction to active fish and will stress the fish into what bass anglers call lockjaw when fish are stressed and are not active about feeding.

When this happens fishing can become very tough and the fish-catching patterns can become totally different than when the fish are shallow and active.

During the warm, nice weather, bass chase and strike fast-moving baits fished in shallow water areas. Baits like a crank bait or spinner bait or even some top water style baits will draw strikes. But all of that changed over the past few days when the big change in weather and water temperatures and water levels have moved fish back out to deeper cover and deeper water.

Fish like bass will hold tight to heavy cover and must be fished for in these types of areas. Slow moving baits like a jig that can be fished tight to this cover and be slowly moved will be your best bet for action.

Anytime there is a big sudden change in water levels or water temperatures in early spring, the fishing will change completely. This is simply a basic cold front condition and changes must be made to adapt to it.

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