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A jig may help you land best bass

The lakes are at last looking better and more stable. Most are almost full and the water color is looking good. This will cause most of the bass to move back toward the banks and become active again.

One of the best baits you can use now is the jig. Anglers who have fished with me over the years know how much I love to fish a jig for bass. It has always been a good bait for me over the years and has enabled me to catch some of my best bass.

When you are fishing a jig and have confidence in it, you will fish it with much more determination and do better.

The jig comes in two different styles, the rubber skirted jig and the hair jig. Each has its place and time that it is considered to work best.

The old rule used to be fish a rubber jig in water above 50 degrees and a hair jig in water below 50 degrees, but I have never used this as fact because I have fished many types and styles of jigs for way over 30 years. I have kind of refined the art of jig fishing for myself to the point I use a certain set up of jig rigs on several poles every time I go bass fishing and I have full confidence in fishing them in different situations.

There is one thing about my jig fishing I have not shared with a lot of anglers, but I prefer a hair jig over a rubber jig in most situations. I like the smaller size jigs over the large ones. By smaller I mean a 1/4 ounce or a 3/8 ounce. I prefer a shorter trailer over a long one on the back of the jig. In colors, I like the darker colors like black, green, brown, orange, blue and a combination of these like the crawdad pattern ones.

By all this I am just stating that from my many years of successful jig fishing, these are just what work best for me.

When going down a bank jig fishing for bass, look for visible cover or underwater cover and try to make a cast close to the cover and let your jig work down into the cover and then slowly start working the bait through the cover and keep feel for any jerk of pull on your line and set the hook hard.

Work your way down the bank and fish any cover you see. And remember, this is a big bass bait also.

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