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Buzz baits offer best action in fishing

With bass now chasing schools of baitfish close to the bank, you will see minnows jumping out of the water and bass breaking the surface. This is when top water fishing becomes very good — and very fun.

Several top water baits will work, but one of the best and most fun and exciting to fish is the buzz bait. I have seen bass hit buzz baits so hard it has knocked the bait completely out of the water and into the air. Now if that does not excite a bass angler, he or she needs to tear up their fishing license.

I have had several good reports of big bass being caught on buzz baits on several area and Tennessee lakes. When you’re looking for a spot to fish buzz baits, look for areas close to the bank where baitfish are jumping and breaking the surface. This is a sign of active feeding bass and a good place to cast a buzz bait.

Make your cast out a little past the spot and start reeling the bait in as soon as it hits the water to start the blades turning. Just reel the bait fast enough to keep the blades turning and make the bait skim the surface. This will make the bait have a screeching sound that drives bass crazy and makes them want to kill the thing.

Buzz baits come in many sizes and colors and styles, but you can use the basics as a starting point. During daylight hours, use colors like white, chartreuse, yellow and natural colors. At night or in low light conditions, use darker colors like black, blue, brown and orange or any combination of these colors. Start with smaller size baits and work your way up in size as the action increases. Look for any type of cover above or below the water, as bass will use just about any type of cover to hide and wait for an easy meal. Fish the buzz bait as close to the cover as you can.

When fishing cover sticking out of the water like a stump or big rock, try to make your bait bump into the object and then continue the retrieve. This is what some of the older bass anglers refer to as bump the stump. This sudden stop and go action will often draw a vicious strike from a bass.

It takes a little getting used to fishing this bait, but once you learn how deadly it can be you will never want to lay it down. I know anglers that live and die by fishing buzz bait. And remember: Wait until you feel the pull of the bass on the line before you set the hook. Once you experience this type of fishing you will be hooked for life also.

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