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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fishing at night exciting, productive

I have seen many anglers night fishing recently. This is one of my favorite ways to fish and is very productive.

This is the post-spawn period when bass are scattered and on shallow cover. This gives the angler a chance to fish several different types of cover and lures.

Because bass are still shallow they are easy to spook, and fishing at night allows the angler and bass to hide from each other. Anglers in boats can fish close to a bank or in shallow water areas and not spook fish. Bass use the dark of night to move shallow to feed undetected.

If you have never been night fishing for bass you do not know what you are missing. A bank or area you fished in the daytime takes on a completely different look at night, and the fishing patterns are changed.

Colors of baits become important, so use dark colors at night. You can also get by with using bigger baits and heavier line at night. You can even use loud baits with rattles and big blades.

During the day, bass use their sense of sight to find prey, but at night bass must rely on sound and vibrations to find food. Bass will follow sound, so use a lure with rattles or with a big blade or a bait that makes some type of clicking sound.

A bass has a line that runs the whole length of its body called a lateral line. This lateral line starts at the tail and runs all the way to the head and the brain of the bass. It is made up of nerve endings that can sense any type of vibrations given off in the water, things like a crawdad clicking around on rocks or a injured or dying baitfish twitching or jerking. All of these things signal food to a bass. Lures that do the same are good choices to use when night fishing.

Baits like rattling jigs or a worm with a bead and slip sinker worked along the rocks will give bass sound and vibrations to follow. A dark-color spinner bait with a deep cupped Colorado blade puts out a lot of thump in the water. Crank baits with built-in rattles worked along banks and close to cover are a good way to fill a live well at times.

One of the top baits to night fish is the buzz bait. Bass will hit this bait so hard at night it will stop your heart.

So go out and give this type of fishing a try.

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