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Gabby’s fishing fever

Use a floater and catch some bluegill

Bluegill fishing is good right now.

I have been several times in the past few weeks and have done well every time. I have caught a few good-sized bluegill on Carr Creek Lake.

Bluegill may be easy to catch and found just about everywhere, but knowing their feeding and living habits will help you to catch more and bigger fish.

Bluegill like to hold close to or around some type of cover — stumps, wood piles, weeds, rock piles, fish attractors, boat docks and almost anything else in the water. They will use this cover to hide until food comes along.

Natural things bluegill feed on are minnows, bugs, worms and small insects that fall into the water. Some of the best baits to fish for bluegill on a rod and reel are red worms, night crawlers, crickets, meal worms and small minnows. Use ultra light and light action rods and reels for the most fun and action. Light clear line in the four- to six-pound test range is best. You can use the rig with or with out a floater.

In some cases I always use a floater. In addition to letting you know when you’re getting a bite, a floater keeps your bait at a certain depth, keeps your bait from getting hung up, and allows you to change the depth by simply moving the floater up and down the line.

Cast your bait close to some type of cover or the bank. Watch your floater or line or rod tip for movement and set the hook. Some bluegill can get very large in ponds and some lakes, so get out and try this fun way to fish.

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