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Gabby’s fishing fever

Top water lures are working well

I have heard from a lot of anglers lately about good top water bass fishing action. This is the time of year that bass will feed close to the surface and this works out well for bass anglers that like to fish top water baits.

Top water baits come in several different styles. Some have a sideto side, walk-the-dog action that will draw hard strikes from nearby bass. Baits like the Zara spook and the spitting image fall into this category. These are heavy baits that can be cast a long way.

After the bait hits the water, start with a side-to-side motion with the rod tip while keeping the line tight with the reel. This will make the bait walk side to side and this action drives bass crazy.

To watch someone who really knows how to work a bait like this is something to see. The best I have ever seen do this is my good friend Jeff Burns.

Other baits are the chuggers or popper baits. Chuggers like the jitterbug have cupped sides that catch and spit water as the bait is retrieved. This causes a side-toside action. The popper baits like the pop-R bait have been around a long time and have caught a lot of bass. The popper-style baits are lighter and are fished on smaller line.

Th e most popular type of top water bait is the buzz bait. This bait has caught more bass than some lures put together have. This bait comes in several sizes and many colors and blade combinations. You can get it in metal or plastic blades.

The buzz bait is perfect for fishing at nighttime or during any low light or overcast time. Cast the bait close to cover and try to run the bait as close to the cover on the retrieve or try to bounce the bait off of larger cover as you reel it in. This is what is known as bump the stump by some bass anglers. Just by causing a disturbance and a quick change of direction of the bait can draw a hard strike by a nearby bass.

This style of fishing takes a little getting used to, but give it a try and it will be one of your favorite ways to fish.

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