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Gabby’s fishing fever

Weed beds are top spots for fish now

With the bright sunshine and the warm temperatures, the weeds are all green and growing. The lakes are full of weed growth.

This is good for fish like bass and bluegill. It is great for the fish for several reasons. The green growing weeds give off oxygen into the water and make the fish active. Also, the weed beds give the smaller bait fish and crawdads somewhere to live and this will draw in the bigger fish. Game fish like bass and crappie will use weed beds as a place to hide and feed.

Weed beds offer anglers several ways to fish. You can fish a top water or jerk bait close to or over the beds, or work a bait like a scum frog or zoom fluke, a bait you can fish over and through open pockets in a large weed bed. This is a great way to get a explosive bite from a feeding bass.

You can also look for any type of wood cover in and around the weed growth and look for open water spots within the weed bed or any isolated cover out away from the main bed. This is big fish type cover.

Be sure to fish these areas well with a slower moving bait like a jig worm or tube bait. Slowly work the bait, letting it drop down into any pockets or cover.

One of the best areas of a weed bed to fish for bass is along the outside edge of the bed where it runs out into deeper water. Bass will swim along this edge looking for food and to use as protection if needed. Baits like shallow running crank baits and willow leaf spinner bait are top lure choices.

So as you can see, a weed bed can be a top spot to look for summer fish.

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