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High waters can bring fishing success

With all this rain we have had the last few weeks, many lakes are high and out of their banks. However, this is not too bad of a thing. Some of the best summer fishing trips that I have had have been during times like this.

Largemouth bass and crappie will use these flooded areas to look for food and to hold on cover. Game fish use this new covered area to feed heavy and will become active and will strike at a bait well.

During this time a top water bait is a great choice when bass fishing. Baits that make a lot of noise and rattle loud are good lures to use. Also, a buzz bait can be deadly on a feeding bass.

Look for areas along the bank where you see any sign of feeding bass like minnows breaking the surface or bass breaking the surface. All of these are signs of active feeding bass and you need to be sure to work these areas. Cast your bait out a little past the action and work the lure in and around the spot.

Crank baits will work very well also when fished along the flooded cover. There are times when you can almost get a strike on every cast. Try baits that have a rattle or have some type of shad color pattern or a bluegill color. Chrome- or silver-colored baits also will catch active bass.

If you are crappie fishing, look for any area that has flooded green, leafy limbs hanging over in the water. Things like a willow tree limbs are the best I have fished for high water crappie. They will get back under the canopy of limbs and wait for small minnows to come along. Areas like these are great places to start crappie fishing. Make your cast close to the flooded wood cover and work the bait in and around it and watch your line or floater for any movement.

I love to jig fish for bass and this is a perfect time to do this. There is a high water bass pattern that uses jigs. What you want to do is go all the way in to the backs of the creeks and coves and look for big piles of wood logs and limbs that are all caught up in a big pile and flip or cast your jig into and around the wood. I have caught some very nice bass doing this.

Do not let the high water keep you from fishing. You will be missing out on some prime fishing time.

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