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Catching bass with plastic baits

There are many types of bass baits made to find and catch bass — top water baits, crank baits, spinner baits and plastic style baits. These include all the soft type baits like the plastic worm, lizards, frog baits and things like grubs curly tail grubs, tube baits and baits like the zoom fluke.

Many soft plastic baits can be fished alone or used as a trailer behind other baits. These baits can be fished in very warm to very cold water, in shallow to deep water, and in clear to stained water. This makes the plastic line of baits one of the most versatile and bass catching baits there is.

Most all of these baits come in several sizes and colors. By far the most used form of these baits is the plastic worm. The worm has been used for many years and has been credited for many an angler’s best and biggest bass catch, and it has helped a lot of anglers win in bass tournaments.

My own personal best largemouth bass of seven pounds came on a blue fleck Berkley power worm on Cherokee Lake in Tennessee. So you know this is one of my favorite baits.

This is one of the most versatile and effective bass baits to fish in any depth and cover. Worms come in sizes ranging from four-inch fi- nesse worm used in shallow water and clear water and when bass are on the nest or not feeding aggressively, all the way to 12-inch power worms fished in deep heavy cover or as a top water swim bait around weed beds.

The tube bait is a very popular bait with many anglers who know just how good it can be when fished right.

When bass are tight to cover or buried up deep in cover in deep water, the smaller profile of the tube bait is perfect.

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