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Fishing deeper in the summer heat

The temperatures can get very hot during this time of year and the humidity has been almost unbearable. For some anglers it is very hard to get out and fish when it is like this, so anything you can do to help you find and catch more fish is very important.

When the water temperatures get as high as they are right now, the surface temperatures can climb into temperatures that fish just cannot stay in. Very warm water has a very low oxygen level. In the summertime, the water in a lake will have different temperatures in different layers or depths of water going from the top to the bottom.

If the surface temperature is 85, and then 6 feet down it is 82, and 15 feet down the temperature 80 degrees. Then at 20 feet the temperature drops to 75. This is what is known as the thermocline area or where the biggest temperature drop occurs. Below this thermocline is where most of the fish and bait fish will spend most of their time. The oxygen and pH levels are much better in the cooler water and the fish will be more active.

During this time of year it is common for most game fish to school and hold on deeper cover or where deeper water is close by. Bass will hold on areas like deep, steep banks and along cliff lines and bluffs, also on deep main lake points and ridges and humps with deeper water close by.

There are several baits that work well in this deeper water, baits like deep diving crank baits worked along this deeper cover and a rattle trap style bait. Also, a willow leaf spinner bait looks like a minnow and will draw many strikes. The long slender design of the willow leaf has very little drag in the water and will dive to deep depths.

Baits like jigs and worms are always good and some of my favorites. Tube baits fished along the rocks and cover have caught many bass for anglers. Rigs like the Carolina rig is perfect for fishing slow on a area in deeper water.

The old-timers would throw a blade style bait like a silver buddy or a jigging spoon close to the edge of a cliff and catch several bass. So as you can see, deeper fishing is well worth the while to check out.

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