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Gabby’s fishing fever

Weather moves fish more shallow

Just a couple of weeks ago we were in a humid heat wave and most of the fish were deeper. Now the weather is milder with much less humidity, and this has changed things in fishing.

For one thing, it is much more comfortable to get outside and fish and the fish will move much more shallow in the milder weather. This makes fishing some easier, but it also changes some of the patterns and baits to use.

Instead of deep diving and weighted baits, you can fish medium to shallow running crank baits and bigger bladed spinner bait. Also, top water action should pick up some some.

Baits like buzz baits and jerk baits will work good early and late and at night and low light situations like overcast skies. Look for any sign of bass working schools of shad or bait fish. This is a sign of active feeding fish and should be a good area to fish.

When you see this type of activity, make your casts out past it some and work the bait back through the feeding bass and watch and feel for a strike.

If you do not see much action on the surface, then try shallow running baits like a shallow running crank bait or a spinner bait worked close to some type of cover or down a bank. Bass will use these types of shallow water areas to hunt for baitfish and other food.

If the fish are deeper, you can fish tight to cover with baits like a plastic worm or tube bait or small jig.

All these ways will catch fish when they move shallow in milder weather.

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