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Bass use sound to find their food

Bass have several keen senses they use to locate prey in all different situations and conditions.

In clear water, bass rely on sight as a main way to locate food. But in a stained or off-colored water situation or at night, a bass cannot see very far and cannot use its sight as much and must relay on its hearing and feel of vibration. This is where a smart bass angler will use lures that use sound and give off vibrations to catch bass.

Just about every type of bass bait company has certain baits designed to be fished in stained water or at night. One of these baits is the crank bait. You can buy just about any type of crank bait with built-in rattles. These baits are great to fish in off-colored water or around areas where bass are schooled up like deeper water cover or along a cliff or bluff line.

These baits are best fished on a longer rod in the seven-foot range. Most rod makers make a rod just for crank bait fishing. After you make your cast and the bait hits the water, give the reel a couple of quick turns to get the bait down to its designed depth. Keep your rod tip up in about the eight o’clock position and reel the bait back to the boat, giving it a few pauses and twitching action along the way.

Another bait that gives of a lot of vibration in the water is a Colorado bladed spinner bait. This is a big cupped blade that thumps very hard as it comes through the water and gives off a lot of sound and vibration into the water.

The absolute best nighttime fishing spinner bait I have ever used is the bait called the midnight special made by Mann’s Bait Company in a black and blue or red and black color pattern. This bait worked down a bank or over cover at night can be very good for bass.

Top water baits and buzz baits are also great baits to catch bass in stained water. Bass relate these sounds and vibrations as food sources and smart anglers will use this to their advantage.

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