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Small baits can catch big bass

One of the many old sayings in fishing is big baits catch big bass. While this is true in certain cases at certain times of the year, most of the time the smaller sized bass baits will catch more numbers and just as big bass as the bigger baits.

There are several reasons bass will often strike smaller baits instead of big baits — fishing pressure, extreme weather conditions, high or low water levels, and the fish just being used to smaller sized bait fish in the water where they live.

All these things I have mentioned affect the feeding of bass negatively. Smaller and slower moving baits simply will out-fish larger, louder baits.

Just about every type of bait made — from crank baits, to spinner baits, top waters, buzz baits and all plastics and jigs — have a full size and a smaller version. When you fish the smaller baits, use smaller, lighter line in the 6- to 12-pound test range and lighteraction rods. This will give you more control and a better feel of the smaller bait.

Do not ever think the biggest bass in the lake will not strike small bait. I once caught a seven-pound largemouth bass on a six-inch power worm, plus many more nice-sized bass on smaller baits.

If you have not tried bass fishing with these smaller baits you do not know what you are missing.

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