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Gabby’s fishing fever

Bluegill offering plenty of action now

I have been able to take several bluegill fishing trips to Carr Creek Lake during the past few weeks. I have gone with friends and by myself. Each time I have caught some nice size bluegill in large numbers. But just like any fish, bluegill are more active in certain areas during the day.

It seems that very early in the morning while the sun is down and it is cooler that bluegill will hold close to cover in shallower water and close to the bank. Casting bait into these types of places will give good action. We have caught some nice ones doing this.

After the sun gets up and the temperatures climb there will still be some bluegill around the bank, but most of the bigger bluegill will swim to deeper cover and hold in the cooler water. This scatters the fish out over the lake, but the best action seems to be deeper during the heat of the day.

When I say deeper water, this may be anywhere from six feet deep to 20 feet deep. Just look for some type of wood cover deeper and most of the time you can find bluegill.

The tackle for bluegill is very simple: a light to ultra light action rod and a small light action reel and line in the four- to eightpound test range will work fine. Use long shank small hooks and a split shot weight and floater if needed.

Baits for bluegill include worms, minnows, crickets, mealworms and some artificial bait. If you want to catch a lot of fish and have fun, give bluegill fishing a try now.

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