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Gabby’s fishing fever

Milder weather improves fishing

The milder weather with less humidity is having a good effect on late-summer fishing bass are moving to more shallow waters and have become more active.

I have gotten to go fishing a couple of times lately and the bass seem pretty active. When the bass are feeding in shallow water and close to the bank some baits seem to work better. Smaller baits are better at not spooking bass in shallow water. Light line in the six- to 12-pound test range work in most situations. Baits like tube baits and small worms and other plastics are very good late-summer bass baits. These baits are silent and will not spook bass like heavy bigger baits.

Make your cast close to the bank or cover and watch your line as most of the strikes will occur as the bait is on the drop. Watch for any type of twitch or jerk and feel for any type of pull or tug on the line and set the hook.

Top water baits can be a good if fished right. If you are fishing down a bank with a top water bait try not to cast the bait right on top of the spot you want to fish. Make your cast past the area and work it back toward the spot. This will keep you from scaring bass holding in that area.

Buzz baits can be amazing at times, like early and late at night and during low light and overcast weather. Also small willow leaf spinner baits fished along a bank and around cover can pay off big.

While the weather is nice get out and have some fun with some bass fishing.

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