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Mostly sunny

Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie good, but will get better

Throughout a year, crappie and bass move to different parts of the lake because of water and air temperatures, water levels rising or falling, fishing pressure and food source.

Knowing this and using it to decide where you are going to fish will help you set up a good fish catching pattern. The weather seems to have cooled down some and the nights are milder. This will cause crappie to start moving toward shallow water and shallow cover close to the bank. They will become more active as they get settled in to the new areas.

The same baits and techniques that caught crappie in deeper water will work in the shallower water. Minnows are still the number one bait anywhere you go. A small lively minnow will work great. Most of the time a light- to medium-action rod and reel set up with line in the six- to 12-pound test range will work OK.

If you are fishing in an area with not a lot of hang ups then you can fish with or without a bobber, but in some cases it is better to use one. When you are trying to control the depth of your bait or to keep it above deeper cover and to keep from getting tangled up in the cover are all reasons to use a bobber.

As the water temperatures cool on down the action will continue to improve. Most lakes in this area have surface temperatures around 84 degrees, meaning the water needs to cool on down some before the best action turns on.

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