Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie good, but will get better

It is the time of year when many of the area’s lakes are being dropped slowly to winter pool.

Carr Creek Lake has already dropped about six inches. When the lake is full and drops slowly it does not greatly change the fishing, as bass and crappie will stay on their regular late summer patterns. The milder nights and the cooler days have dropped the water and air temperatures some and have made the fish move more shallow and around shoreline cover. In turn, the action has picked up some.

As we go into fall and its cooler weather the fishing will get better and better. The slowly falling water levels for now will not be a big issue with most fishing trips. Fishing soft plastics worms and tube baits or even small spider jig style baits will help you catch fish.

I have had several reports of good catches of largemouth bass on Kentucky and Tennessee lakes, with plastic worms and tube baits being the most widely used baits. Small shallow running crank baits in a shad or fire tiger color pattern should do well also. Fish these types of baits along the bank and around cover to locate active feeding bass.

If you are fishing for crappie, try to locate some form of cover like wood, weeds or rocks that the crappie can hold around. Fish small minnows or small tube baits or curly tail grubs over and around the cover. Crappie can be very active for a while and then slow down. When this happens, change the depth of your bait or bait color, as crappie can be very picky at times when it comes to bait color.

Just because the water is starting to fall doesn’t mean the fishing will be affected much, so get out and enjoy the milder weather and get in on the improved fishing action.

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