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Gabby’s fishing fever

Hot spots are where the action is

Bass are now moving into an early fall pattern.

What this basically means is that bass will start moving more toward shallow cover and shoreline areas. As the water cools the bait fish will start moving into areas such large flats and into feeder creeks. Spots that have shallow water areas and cover with deeper water close by is an excellent area to look for active bass. These areas are known as hot spots or honey holes by many anglers. It is worth the time and effort to find these areas because they can offer up some great fishing.

There are some basic patterns that work well this time of year — fishing plastics like a Texas rigged worm, tube bait or spider jig. Small jigs and crank baits and spinner baits worked along the shore line or around shallow cover are good baits to use as well.

I have also had a lot of good reports on good catches of bass in Tennessee on top water baits and buzz baits fished over shallow cover and down sloping rocky banks. These are classic areas to fish for bass this time of year.

Crank baits and spinner baits are known as search baits because they can be fished quickly and cover a lot of water. By using these baits you accomplish two things. One, you can cull unproductive water and find feeding bass. This will make finding bass and finding good spots faster and easier.

Just what makes a hot spot is a combination of things, such as having shallow and deeper water close by the same spot. Having a good food source close by and the presence of cover is a big plus. A creek channel close by is even better.

These types of areas may take some looking to find but are well worth the effort.

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