Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Light tackle needed at this time

There are times during the year when fishing smaller and lighter tackle and baits will catch more fish than larger full-sized tackle. Right now is one of those times.

This is a fall pattern that can hold out for weeks or not depending on fast changing water and air temperatures and water levels dropping quickly. Fish prefer stable long-term weather and water conditions.

All baits come in a full size and a smaller version. In a few weeks, when the fall fishing frenzy kicks into full speed, the larger baits will come into the picture. For now the smaller baits are the way to go, as bass and crappie are chasing and following shad schools into shallow water areas and into main feeder creek areas. To the fish the smaller baits look and act like the real thing. This is why baits like small crank baits and spinner baits in a shad or silver color pattern work so well.

Fishing these types of baits are best right now. Look for areas close to shallow water and for any sign of baitfish working the surface. When using light tackle be sure to use matching light action rod and reel combos. This pattern may hold up for a while or change soon.

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