Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

From small ponds big things come

There are many small lakes and ponds in our area, but don’t let the word “small” fool you about the size of the fish in them. Some of the biggest bass and bluegill I have ever seen came out of smaller waters. Many ponds also hold great catfish.

Many ponds and small lakes are not affected by weather changes and falling and rising water. Smaller bodies of water do not get the fishing pressure that larger lakes get so the fish are not as spooked. In a large lake the fish have to be on the move to compete for food. In ponds, bass and other fish can move around slower and eat at their own pace. This lets the fish in ponds grow bigger most of the time.

Slower moving baits such as plastic worms and jigs and tube baits seem to work best. If the bass seem to be active, try small top water or buzz bait or small willow leaf spinner bait. All of these baits will work on pond bass at the right time.

The biggest bluegill I have ever caught or seen came out of an old farm pond that you could just about cast across. I fished small red worms on light tackle and caught several monster bluegills, some close to two pounds. I have never seen bluegill like that since.

Pond fishing is a very relaxing way to fish, and can pay off big. There are small ponds and creeks just about everywhere in our area. Get out and give them a try. The reward could be big.

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