Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Don’t let cooler weather stop you

Some anglers like to get out during the cool weather and look for different types of waters to fish on. That is what I got to do this past weekend on a trip to Georgia.

We were down to spend Thanksgiving with some of our family who live on a small lake. I have fished here several times before and done well. When we left our home we left three inches of snow behind and arrived in 60-degree sunny weather. The bluegill and bass fishing was pretty good. This is true of many small lakes in our area and in other lakes in several states.

Here at home right now, tube baits and crank baits will work well for bass. Bluegill are still active on small worms. Look for anything that makes a cut or break in the bank. Any type of cover — wood, weeds or rocks — are good places to fish.

Because the weather is cooler now, be sure to fish a little slower. Be safe and have fun.

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