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Simple gifts make best presents

Many fishermen will be looking for some type of fishing-related gear under the tree this year. Over the years I have received many such nice gifts from friends and family.

Buying fishing gifts for your angler can be confusing, because there is so much stuff out there. Here are a few gift ideas to make it simple:

• Try buying items such as fishing line, hooks and sinkers, and floats — all are something anglers use regularly during a year.

• Basic baits such as plastic worms are always well used and are not super costly. When buying these items, stick to standard colors like purple, black and the motor oil or pumpkin seed colors.

• Tube baits are very good baits and are on the top of most bass anglers’ list of favorites.

You can go out and buy very costly fishing gifts but most anglers are happy with simple, useful gifts.

I would like to take this time to wish all my readers a happy Christmas. May God bless you all.

I do not know if Santa Claus gets to fish much where he lives or not. If so, it would be mostly ice fishing I would think!

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