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Gabby’s fishing fever

Fish shallow waters even in winter

We had some warmer weather lately that improved fishing for some fish such as largemouth bass and bluegill. However, it might have slowed the bite for smallmouth bass and trout. These fish like the cooler milder weather but will still be fairly active on most lakes.

You would be surprised at how these fish will be in shallow water even in the winter months. I have caught three- and four-pound largemouth bass in three feet of water on crank baits in January.

I think the mild winters of the past few years have conditioned fish to live in the more shallow water areas. This changes a lot of the older ways of winter fishing, which used to be all deep, slow patterns. The angler that understands this and adapts will do better in most fishing situations. This allows the winter bass angler to use crank baits and soft plastics like tube baits.

I have received several reports of good catches of both largemouth and smallmouth bass so far this winter season. Try to get out and enjoy the days when there is mild weather and try some of these new patterns.

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