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Tube baits catch bass in winter

Tube baits are a great for catching winter bass, both smallmouth and largemouth. Versatile and productive, the tube bait is one of few you can fish with all year long and in every situation.

There are many different rigs for tube baits that will allow you to fish on the top with a floating rig or work it in the mid-depths by adding a small weight. You can also fish it like a jig on the bottom by rigging it on a jig head and hook, or even flip and pitch it into heavy cover for big bass.

This bait comes in many different sizes and colors. The most common size is the three- and four-inch size, and just about any color combination can be bought in these baits. Chartreuse and white and the natural brown colors like pumpkin seed and motor oil colors work well. The cotton candy colors with the blue metal flakes are also great to use.

To fish these baits, look for areas where bass are breaking the surface or where birds are. Cast your bait close to the area and work it back through the feeding area and feel for any pulls or strikes and set the hook hard.

This is a excellent winter bass bait you really will want to use.

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