Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Fish deeper and pray for spring

Most of the fishing in our area is slow right now because of the very cold weather we had early last week.

These were the coldest temperatures we have had in many years, and it really put a big slowdown on the fishing. The weather has warmed back up some and the fishing should improve slowly. Most of us are now just looking forward to what we hope is an early spring and the beginning of good fishing.

But for now, the best thing you can do to catch fish is to fish very slowly and a little deeper. Use baits such as jigs and tube baits and small curly tail grubs on small jig heads to go after the fish that are now holding deep. These baits are made just for this type of fishing.

You can work these baits into deeper thick cover and in small tight places in heavy cover. A medium-action rod and bait-cast reel work great for this set up. Line in the 12- to 16-pound test range will give you the feel to detect strikes and the strength to bring a good size bass out of the heavy cover. Stick with darker colors like black, blue, orange and brown in the colder water. Fish slow and tight to heavy cover and look forward to spring.

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