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Gabby’s fishing fever

Some lakes produce well in winter

This time of year can be a tough time to fish with all the cold weather, so anything you can do to give yourself an advantage is a good thing.

One of the best things you can do to help yourself catch fish is to pick a lake that has a good reputation for winter fishing. There are several good lakes accessible to us that meet the criteria — Lake Cumberland, Laurel River Lake, Cave Run Lake, Dale Hollow Lake and Cherokee and Norris lakes in Tennessee.

What many of these lakes have in common is deep and clear water, which makes for great winter time smallmouth bass fishing. Many anglers like to fish tube baits and jigs for smallmouth in winter. Some small crank baits and rigs like a float and fly set up work good in very cold conditions.

In addition to smallmouth bass, trout, walleye and crappie like to feed in cooler water. Many anglers also like to use live baits in the winter. Chubs and minnows have caught many big bass in the winter months.

Look around and check out the lakes and find a good one to fish this winter.

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