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Gabby’s fishing fever

Crappie reported active in region

Only a few fish types of fish remain active during the colder months. The crappie is one.

Most fishermen think of early spring as the best time to fish for crappie and it is one of the best times. But for those of us who cannot wait that long we are in luck, as I have several reports of good crappie fishing on a couple of lakes not too far from here. They are Lake Cumberland and Cave Run Lake — both top-notch lakes on which I have fished.

There is a winter crappie fishing pattern that is working on these lakes and producing good-sized and large numbers of crappie for anglers. The trick is to look for deeper shad schools over creeks and old river channels on your fish finder and position your boat over these schools and try to follow them and fish close to the same depth of the school.

In the colder months the large shad schools will go deeper to warmer water and will school in large groups. Bass and crappie will follow them.

What I have described is the best winter pattern I know of for winter crappie. After you find the large shad schools try to fish around the same depth. As far as bait, most anglers use live minnows or small white- or shadcolored jigs. Work the baits slowly up and down in the area.

According to most of the reports I have received, you will want to fish in the 20- to 30-feet deep range on these two lakes.

If you get a chance, give these lakes a try. You might just have the trip of your life.

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