Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Be on the lookout for clear spots

I was noticing the other day that the water in Carr Creek Lake was very muddy — except for the back ends of the feeder creeks.

Any angler who has fished much should know that cold muddy water is almost impossible to fish in. The muddy water has a very low oxygen level plus the cold water and the lack of visibility really shut the fish down. You are really wasting your time even trying to fish when it is like this.

You are much better off to find a new area with clearer water or go to a different lake that has not been muddied up by flood or snow melt. Your success rate will be much better, and it will give you a chance to catch some fish.

If you find a good lake or spot to fish you will want to fish smaller slower moving baits in a natural color pattern. Fish are now moving slow and close to deeper cover on most lakes. Baits such jigs and tube baits are top choices.

If bass are active enough to chase shad then try a small shad pattern crank bait or spinner bait. This time of year is slow at best so picking the best spots will give you a big advantage.

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