Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass, crappie being caught in area

As the weather has gotten better I have had reports of a few fish being caught here and there. Bass and crappie and a few bluegill are being caught.

As the weather warms and the water temperatures start to rise, fish such as largemouth bass and crappie will slowly start moving to more shallow water and become more active.

Using the right type of bait will help you be more successful as the fish move from deeper winter holes to areas closer to the bank. Slower-moving baits will work best in most cases. Tube baits small jigs are good choices. These baits can be cast easily and can be fished slow and tight to the bottom or to cover and will draw good strikes from feeding bass.

Use colors such as silver and white that look like a shad as that is the main food source right now for most game fish.

On some of the bigger lakes you might be able to fish small crank baits on warm days.

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