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Hair jig is go-to bait for bass anglers

If I had to pick one bass bait to use 12 months a year and in any type of conditions or temperatures for bass, it would be a hair jig for sure.

Now jigs come in hair jigs and rubber skirted jigs. I also fish the rubber jig a lot and it is a great bait to catch bass most of the year. But when it comes right down to it, the hair jig is the go-to bait for diehard bass anglers that will really put in the time and effort to catch bass in the toughest conditions.

Over the years I have been blessed to win and place in many bass tournaments and the hair jig was one of my main baits. The hair jig is a bait you can fish the hottest or coldest day of the year for bass. There are several things about a hair jig that makes it a main bait choice for many anglers.

First is that it is a high catch percentage bait because of its ability to be fished slow and tight to heavy cover, the choice of big bass. It looks like something natural like a crawdad moving through the water. By having this natural action, it does not give off any signs of not being real and will trigger a responsive strike from a feeding bass.

It is a bait with good weight to it, making it easy to flip and cast in tight areas. Jigs come in several weights to fish anywhere from open water banks to the heaviest cover in the lake.

Once you develop the feel for a jig bite and learn to set the hook, you will catch almost all of your strikes. There are very few baits that can do this.

The only bad thing about fishing a hair jig is that they can be hard to find sometimes, so if you see them stock up on them and give them a try.

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