Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Start looking for schools of baitfish

The time for spring bass fishing is here at last.

As the water in the shallows warms into the low- to mid-60s the bass will move to more shallow waters and begin to look for spawning sites. And just like the bass, schools of baitfish will also move along the banks and into shallow areas.

Look to areas baitfish are breaking the surface as a sign of a good place to start your fishing. If the bass seem active you may want to start with fast-moving search baits such as spinner baits or crank baits. Both are great choices for active bass in shallow waters.

These baits look and sound like a wounded or injured baitfish. To a bass this is like ringing a dinner bell. Bass will always pick out the weakest looking baitfish out of a school, so baits that behave as if they are weak or wounded are smart choices.

Lipless crank baits like the Rat-L-Trap is great for moving and scattered bass. With some bass moving to shallow water and staying there and some moving in and out from deeper to shallow water, baits like a Rat-L-Trap will cover all situations. They are considered search baits will cover a lot of water quickly.

Try fishing these types of baits shallow while the weather is good. If a cold front moves in, bass will find deeper cover and will not be as active. In that case, you want to change to a slower bait like a jig, worm or tube bait. Fish these baits tight to cover and slow down some.

Enjoy your spring bass fishing.

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