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Gabby’s fishing fever

Temp changes dictate deeper fishing

It at last looks like spring and the fishing is picking up. But last week, we had some cold temperatures and even some snow in places.

This is a cold front condition and will affect the fishing and the way to fish this time of year.

During the stable warm weather, bass will start moving shallow and closer to the bank and will feed and look for spawning sites. The lakes are also being raised and bass will move to newly flooded areas also. But in a major cold front situation like we had, bass will pull back to deeper areas and hold tight in and around cover.

While doing this, bass will become much less active and you will need to use a slower presentation to catch bass.

The first thing to look for when fishing for bass during a early spring cold front is a area with deeper cover or a bank with a dropoff into deeper water close by. These types of areas are also known as secondary cover or the first major cover off the main bank. Bass will use these areas to hold on until the shallow water warms and becomes stable again. Use smaller darker color baits that you can work slow and tight to the cover.

A fishing buddy and I fished last week in this type of cold front condition. There was almost no surface action and very little shallow or bank action. All of our bites came off deeper banks and out off the bank some or around deeper cover. We fished baits like curly tail grubs. worms and small hair jigs.

The bite was slow and tough, but we got several bits and had a few fish to the boat.

When you are faced with this condition, slow down, fish deeper cover and you will put things in your favor.

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