Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are now tired — and hungry

Most lakes have now wormed up enough for bass to be finished spawning and are again looking for food.

Bass are now tired and hungry from being on the beds so long, and they will be active. It is not unusual to catch a bass with a big mouth and a slim body right now. The bass are feeding to fatten back up to normal. This time of year is known as the post spawn period.

There will be a few lakes where the bass will come off the nest later, but most already have. Most bass in the early post spawn will be feeding heavy on shad and minnows in schools. Look for areas of bass breaking the surface and fish close to these areas.

Bass will follow shad schools and picks off the weak and dying ones and then ge into the school at times. Baits like top waters, jerk baits, poppers and buzz baits will catch bass on the surface. Crank baits and spinner baits will catch bass below the surface, while baits such as worms and jigs will catch bass deeper and in and around cover.

Bass fishing is good right now and will only get better, so get out and have some fishing fun.

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