Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

Get out and get in on the fun

The bass fishing is really doing well on most every lake in our region. I have had reports about bass being caught on everything from buzz baits and top waters, crank baits and spinners, and worms and jigs.

The bass are active off the nest and ready to feed. Most are chasing shad schools and looking for an easy meal, but some are also looking around deeper for crawdads. This means the bass will be scattered everywhere, but it allows an angler to fish a wide variety of baits in different depths and cover.

Look for bass working the surface early and late or in overcast weather. Fish top water baits and buzz baits to draw explosive strikes from surface-feeding bass. The bass will follow a bait and then blow up on it, making it one of the most exciting forms of fishing.

Mid-depth running baits such as crank baits and spinner baits will catch bass feeding below the surface if you fish along deeper banks and around visible cover. Make long casts and try to stay parallel to the bank with your cast. This will increase your chance of a strike by keeping the bait in a high percentage-area longer.

Also, fish with worms and jigs for deep-feeding bass and bass holding around cover. The bass are active and feeding. Get out and enjoy the fun.

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