Whitesburg KY

Gabby’s fishing fever

The night time can be the right time

Every time I go by Carr Creek Lake at nighttime, I see all kinds of boats on the lake. This tells me one thing for sure. Night fishing is well underway.

Most of the anglers are bass fishing, but a lot of them are crappie and catfishing. All these fish are active at night.

Fishing at night and during the day are very different. I much prefer fishing at nighttime to during the day.

During the day, bass will use sight to do a lot of their feeding. But at night, they must depend on their sense of sound and to detect vibrations in the water to locate food.

This is why it is important to use lures for night fishing for bass that give off sound and vibrations when fished. There are several styles of lures that do just that. Also, bass will use the sense of smell to detect prey. This is why plastic worms like Berkley power worms are so popular. They have a built-in smell that smells like natural prey to nighttime feeding bass.

Baits that are used include top waters and buzz baits that have some type of chugger or popper that splashes or spits water when retrieved. Bass use sound to find food on the surface and follow vibrations . Also, crank baits with rattles will draw bass following the sound. Baits like big bladed spinner baits give off a lot of thumping vibrating sound in the water that will draw bass.

There are special spinner baits made for night fishing like the midnight special, a great bait with which I have night fished for many years. And there are my favorite night fishing baits, the plastic worm and jigs. These baits have caught more bass at night than anyone can count.

All these baits work at the right times. Just get out and have some fishing fun at night.

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