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Catching bluegill offers fun for all

This is a great time of year to get out and have some fun fishing with friends and family. One of the most fun and simple ways to enjoy this is to bluegill fish.

The bluegill is a great little fish that is practically everywhere. From the largest lakes to the smallest streams and ponds, bluegill can be found and caught. I have fished about everywhere and for everything and I still have a good time bluegill fishing every time I get to go.

This fun little fish can be easily caught by just about everybody. This is the best fish to fish for with young kids or someone just getting into fishing. This fish will almost always bite a bait and the action is pretty fast and consistent.

There are several baits that work good like nightcrawlers, red worms, meal worms, minnows and crickets. Bluegill will also hit small flies and tube baits.

Most bluegill are small size fish, but some can grow pretty big. I have caught bluegill way over a pound. A bluegill that size is a very impressive size fish.

These fish, no matter what the size, give a great fight and are very fun to catch. The best thing about the bluegill is that they are very aggressive feeders and will bite all the time. This makes them a great fish to fish for with just about anyone who likes to fish.

Tackle for bluegill is very simple and low cost. An ultra light or light action rod and reel combo will work fine, and even the fishing rod and reels for kids will work in most cases. Use light line in the four- to eight-pound test range. Small hooks and split shot weights and floaters are all that is needed for most bluegill trips.

Bluegill like to hang around some form of cover most of the time, things like wood, rocks, weeds and under boatdocks to name a few. Just fish small baits around this type of cover for best results.

If you have not enjoyed this type of fishing in a while, get out and give it a try. It is fun for all.

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