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The fun of crappie fishing at night

As the temperatures get hotter during the day a lot of fisherman turn to night fishing. Several fish bite as good if not better at night than during the day right now, crappie among them.

Crappie feed well in low-light conditions and at night. They use their sense of hearing and smell to locate prey at night, as well as the feel of vibrations given off by a hurt or injured bait fish. Crappie can be very color selective at times and will not hit a bait unless the bait is moving some. At other times crappie will hit a still bait of any color.

I have fished for crappie on most lakes around this area at daytime and at nighttime. I have had good luck doing both, but to me night fishing is more productive in summer.

Crappie don’t like very warm water and will not stay in warm shallow water long. Look for summer crappie in and around some type of cover in slightly deeper water, including wood stumps, brush piles, fallen trees, weed beds, rocky banks and humps, or even manmade fish attractors.

Crappie are an ambush-type predator and will hide around some form of cover and wait for bait fish to come by. Baits for crappie are basic minnows, small tube baits or jigs with curly tail grubs. Light action tackle will work in most cases.

On some lakes crappie can grow to a good size. Crappie in the 17- to 20-inch range can be found on a few lakes.

If you have not tried night crappie fishing in a while, give it a try soon.

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