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Gabby’s fishing fever

A cool way to catch fish in summer

One way to avoid the full sun while having a great time fishing is “wade fishing.”

The creeks and rivers in our area have some good wade fishing and the overhanging trees offer some welcome shade. Wade fishing can be very productive, as several species of fish live in our area rivers. Everything from smallmouth, largemouth and Kentucky bass, red eyes, trout, catfish and bluegill are in most of our waters. All of these fish are fun to catch and will hit most of the time.

Look for most of the bass spe- cies of fish to hold close to the current edge as they wait for food to come by. The red eyes will hang around rocky areas and under big rocks. Catfish usually hold in the deeper pools and will move from the head to the tail of the pool during the day.

The fish will face upstream into the current to watch for food, so try to make your cast upstream or across the current so give your bait the most natural look.

Top waters, buzz baits, small crank baits or small plastic baits work well for wade fishing, as does most live bait. If you have not tried wade fishing in a while you are missing out on a lot of fun.

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