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Requirements for a bass ‘honey hole’

There are certain areas at most lakes where bass anglers seem to always have good luck when fishing. As I’ve written before, these areas are known by many names such as “honey hole,” “bass heaven” and the “hot spot.”

Some anglers will protect these areas at all cost and tell almost no one where they are. Many such areas have been found over the years by pure luck. The location of some of these spots have been handed down by older bass anglers or remembered by someone who was taken there by another angler.

These sacred bass holes may seem magical to many anglers, but there is some reason these areas hold bass and offer good fishing. There are things going on under and above the surface that create this type of fishing spot.

There has to be good cover, the spot must be located deep enough so that it is not affected by things happening on the surface, changing weather patterns and fishing pressure.

The single most important requirement for a bass “honey hole” is to have food sources close by and deeper water close by.

The best areas occur where a river or creek channel hogs the bank or runs through or close to this area. Bass will use the deeper water as an escape way when they feel threatened. I am a firm believer that most bass hot spots will be in or very close to deeper main lake areas.

It is well worth the time and effort to search and find these areas with a fish finder or by taking the time to check out lake maps or talk to people that fish the lake frequently. And when you do you will have your own bass honey hole to fish time after time.

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