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Bluegill should be getting off nests

Bluegills in most of our area lakes and ponds are on the nest right now, meaning they will have a spot cleared out on the bottom and will be guarding the nest area.

Bluegill often nest in shallow clear water on a clean bottom with small rocks or pea gravel. Most of the time, they will also look for spots where freshwater enters a lake, such as a small creek or where a culvert dumps into the lake. They also like to locate in shallow weed beds and close to the bank or on large flat areas.

Many other fish will try to eat the bluegill eggs and the hatched fry. Because of this, the bluegill will stay in the nest area and try to protect the eggs. If you cast a small bait into the nest it will often pick the bait out of the nest and move it away or hit the bait.

It is always a good idea to release a bluegill caught off the nest so it can protect its habitat. There will be plenty of other bluegill swimming around. They will hit small baits such as a red worm, a night crawler, minnows, weal worms or a small fly. Small light action rod and reels will work for catching nice bluegill.

The bluegill will not be on the nest much longer, so get out and try this fun way to fish.

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