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Gabby’s fishing fever

There is nothing like an old fishing buddy, one that will always be ready to go fishing when you can. These kind of buddies are the ones that you will always want to have around. But I want to tell you about a different type of a buddy you can fish with it — a bait called a silver buddy.

The silver buddy is a type of blade bait. A blade bait is a style of bait that is made of a thin piece of metal that looks like a shad bait fish. The head of the bait is weighted to allow for casting and to let the bait dive as it’s retrieved. The bait looks like a crankbait in that it has two sets of treble hooks attached to the bottom side of the lure. These baits come in different weight sizes from a 1/4- ounce size to a 3/4-ounce size. Most silver buddy lures have up to three different holes on the lure to tie your line to. The reason for this is so anglers can decide at what depth they want the lure to run. The holes closer to the front of the lure will let the lure run more shallow and the further back you tie on to the lure the deeper it will run. This is when you are casting the bait and retrieving it like a crank bait.

You can also fish the silver buddy in a vertical presentation. This meaning straight up and down under the boat. When you are fishing the bait in this way you will want to tie your line in the middle hole to allow the bait to remain balanced as you fish it.

When fishing the silver buddy bait be sure to never tie your line directly to the bait. Always use a snap or split ring tied to your main line and attach the snap to the eye on the bait. With the line tied to a snap or ring instead of directly to the lure, it will allow the lure to move without any restriction, thus making the lure look more like a scared or dying bait fish.

This bait has been around for a very long time but you would be surprised at the fishermen that have never heard of or used this lure. This type of lure is legendary in the smallmouth bass fishing world and has been used for decades in the world famous smallmouth waters of Dale Hollow Lake. It was made famous by the late Billy Westmoreland, to some smallmouth anglers considered the greatest smallmouth angler of all.

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